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India  wikipedia article

country name : India    [other languages]
iso code : IN, 356 and IND
fips code : IN
capital : New Delhi
area : 3,287,590.0 km²
population : 1,352,617,328
currency : Rupee (INR)
languages : English (en-IN), Hindi (hi), Bengali (bn), Telugu (te), Marathi (mr), Tamil (ta), Urdu (ur), Gujarati (gu), Kannada (kn), Malayalam (ml), Oriya (macrolanguage) (or), Panjabi (pa), Assamese (as), Bihari languages (bh), Santali (sat), Kashmiri (ks), Nepali (macrolanguage) (ne), Sindhi (sd), Konkani (macrolanguage) (kok), Dogri (macrolanguage) (doi), Manipuri (mni), Sino-Tibetan languages (sit), Sanskrit (sa), French (fr), Lushai (lus), Indic languages (inc)
neighbours : China, Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan, Pakistan, Bangladesh
postal code format : ######    [postal codes]
national flag : flag

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National Data Providers

1censusindia Census of India
2fao gaul Open Government Data (OGD) Platform India
4datameet community of Data Science and Open Data enthusiasts
5lgdirectory Local Government Directory
6telangana Telangana Open Data Portal OGDL
Datasource: Telangana Open Data Portal
7niti National Institution for Transforming India
Datasource: NITI Aayog,Govt. of India
8ksrsac Karnataka State Remote Sensing Applications Centre
9soi Survey of India
10surveyofindia Survey of India


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