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United States  wikipedia article

country name : United States    [other languages]
iso code : US, 840 and USA
fips code : US
capital : Washington
area : 9,629,091.0 km²
population : 310,232,863
currency : Dollar (USD)
languages : English (en-US), Spanish (es-US), Hawaiian (haw), French (fr)
neighbours : Canada, Mexico, Cuba
dependencies : American Samoa, Micronesia, Guam, Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, U.S. Minor Outlying Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands
postal code format : #####-####    [postal codes]
national flag : flag

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National Data Providers

1gnis Geographic Names Information System USGS
2naco National Association of Counties
3uscensus US Census
4usgs U.S. Geological Survey


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