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Countries » Finland

Finland  wikipedia article

country name : Finland    [other languages]
iso code : FI, 246 and FIN
fips code : FI
capital : Helsinki
area : 337,030.0 km²
population : 5,518,050
currency : Euro (EUR)
languages : Finnish (fi-FI), Swedish (sv-FI), Inari Sami (smn)
neighbours : Norway, Russia, Sweden
dependencies : Ă…land
postal code format : #####    [postal codes]
national flag : flag

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National Data Providers

1kunnat Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities
2nls National Land Survey of Finland (NLS) CCBY4.0
3avoindata Open Data by Ministry of Finance CCBY
4post_fi Posti
5hri Helsinki Region Infoshare CCBY4.0
6digitraffic_fi Finnish Transport Agency Open Data CCBY4.0


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