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Feature Statistic Bolivia

Num. NamesFeature ClassFeature CodeFeature Description
Administrative Boundary Features (country, state, region,...)
357A.ADM3third-order administrative divisiona subdivision of a second-order administrative division
112A.ADM2second-order administrative divisiona subdivision of a first-order administrative division
100A.ADM4fourth-order administrative divisiona subdivision of a third-order administrative division
9A.ADM1first-order administrative divisiona primary administrative division of a country, such as a state in the United States
2A.ADMDadministrative divisionan administrative division of a country, undifferentiated as to administrative level
1A.PCLIindependent political entity
581 Total for A
Hydrographic Features (stream, lake, ...)
3,120H.STMstreama body of running water moving to a lower level in a channel on land
719H.STMIintermittent stream
558H.LKlakea large inland body of standing water
113H.LKIintermittent lake
31H.PNDIintermittent pond
24H.SWMPswampa wetland dominated by tree vegetation
23H.MRSHmarsh(es)a wetland dominated by grass-like vegetation
21H.SPNGspring(s)a place where ground water flows naturally out of the ground
17H.RVNravine(s)a small, narrow, deep, steep-sided stream channel, smaller than a gorge
16H.FLLSwaterfall(s)a perpendicular or very steep descent of the water of a stream
13H.STMXsection of stream
12H.PNDponda small standing waterbody
12H.RPDSrapidsa turbulent section of a stream associated with a steep, irregular stream bed
11H.LKSlakeslarge inland bodies of standing water
9H.BAYbaya coastal indentation between two capes or headlands, larger than a cove but smaller than a gulf
6H.STMHheadwatersthe source and upper part of a stream, including the upper drainage basin
4H.WLLwella cylindrical hole, pit, or tunnel drilled or dug down to a depth from which water, oil, or gas can be pumped or brought to the surface
3H.LKNsalt lakean inland body of salt water with no outlet
2H.FLTMmud flat(s)a relatively level area of mud either between high and low tide lines, or subject to flooding
2H.WTLDwetlandan area subject to inundation, usually characterized by bog, marsh, or swamp vegetation
2H.WTRCwatercoursea natural, well-defined channel produced by flowing water, or an artificial channel designed to carry flowing water
2H.STMMstream mouth(s)a place where a stream discharges into a lagoon, lake, or the sea
1H.WTRHwaterhole(s)a natural hole, hollow, or small depression that contains water, used by man and animals, especially in arid areas
1H.POOLpool(s)a small and comparatively still, deep part of a larger body of water such as a stream or harbor; or a small body of standing water
1H.LGNlagoona shallow coastal waterbody, completely or partly separated from a larger body of water by a barrier island, coral reef or other depositional feature
1H.GYSRgeysera type of hot spring with intermittent eruptions of jets of hot water and steam
1H.STRTstraita relatively narrow waterway, usually narrower and less extensive than a sound, connecting two larger bodies of water
1H.CNLcanalan artificial watercourse
1H.RSVreservoir(s)an artificial pond or lake
4,727 Total for H
Area Features (parks,area, ...)
1,573L.LCTYlocalitya minor area or place of unspecified or mixed character and indefinite boundaries
367L.AREAareaa tract of land without homogeneous character or boundaries
20L.PRKparkan area, often of forested land, maintained as a place of beauty, or for recreation
16L.SALTsalt areaa shallow basin or flat where salt accumulates after periodic inundation
5L.RESreservea tract of public land reserved for future use or restricted as to use
3L.OILFoilfieldan area containing a subterranean store of petroleum of economic value
3L.AGRCagricultural colonya tract of land set aside for agricultural settlement
3L.MNAmining areaan area of mine sites where minerals and ores are extracted
2L.INDSindustrial areaan area characterized by industrial activity
2L.RESNnature reservean area reserved for the maintenance of a natural habitat
2L.RGNregionan area distinguished by one or more observable physical or cultural characteristics
1L.CTRBbusiness centera place where a number of businesses are located
1L.CNSconcession areaa lease of land by a government for economic development, e.g., mining, forestry
1,998 Total for L
Populated Place Features (city, village,...)
21,654P.PPLpopulated placea city, town, village, or other agglomeration of buildings where people live and work
144P.PPLXsection of populated place
88P.PPLLpopulated localityan area similar to a locality but with a small group of dwellings or other buildings
34P.PPLA4seat of a fourth-order administrative division
33P.PPLQabandoned populated place
11P.PPLA3seat of a third-order administrative division
7P.PPLA2seat of a second-order administrative division
7P.PPLAseat of a first-order administrative divisionseat of a first-order administrative division (PPLC takes precedence over PPLA)
1P.PPLCcapital of a political entity
1P.PPLGseat of government of a political entity
21,980 Total for P
Road / Railroad Features (road, railroad )
2R.RRrailroada permanent twin steel-rail track on which freight and passenger cars move long distances
1R.RDroadan open way with improved surface for transportation of animals, people and vehicles
3 Total for R
Spot Features (spot, building, farm)
457S.RNCHranch(es)a large farm specializing in extensive grazing of livestock
302S.FRMfarma tract of land with associated buildings devoted to agriculture
114S.AIRFairfielda place on land where aircraft land and take off; no facilities provided for the commercial handling of passengers and cargo
113S.RSTNrailroad stationa facility comprising ticket office, platforms, etc. for loading and unloading train passengers and freight
105S.MNmine(s)a site where mineral ores are extracted from the ground by excavating surface pits and subterranean passages
104S.BPboundary markera fixture marking a point along a boundary
96S.AIRPairporta place where aircraft regularly land and take off, with runways, navigational aids, and major facilities for the commercial handling of passengers and cargo
67S.TRIGtriangulation stationa point on the earth whose position has been determined by triangulation
55S.HTLhotela building providing lodging and/or meals for the public
53S.CHchurcha building for public Christian worship
21S.SCHschoolbuilding(s) where instruction in one or more branches of knowledge takes place
19S.RUINruin(s)a destroyed or decayed structure which is no longer functional
16S.CMPMNmining campa camp used by miners
13S.FTforta defensive structure or earthworks
8S.CMPcamp(s)a site occupied by tents, huts, or other shelters for temporary use
8S.AIRQabandoned airfield
5S.CMTYcemeterya burial place or ground
5S.PSpower stationa facility for generating electric power
4S.SQRsquarea broad, open, public area near the center of a town or city
4S.CARNcairna heap of stones erected as a landmark or for other purposes
3S.MNQabandoned mine
3S.RSRTresorta specialized facility for vacation, health, or participation sports activities
2S.MSSNmissiona place characterized by dwellings, school, church, hospital and other facilities operated by a religious group for the purpose of providing charitable services and to propagate religion
2S.MUSmuseuma building where objects of permanent interest in one or more of the arts and sciences are preserved and exhibited
2S.ESTestate(s)a large commercialized agricultural landholding with associated buildings and other facilities
2S.ANSarchaeological/prehistoric sitea place where archeological remains, old structures, or cultural artifacts are located
2S.BRKSbarracksa building for lodging military personnel
2S.MLmill(s)a building housing machines for transforming, shaping, finishing, grinding, or extracting products
2S.BDGbridgea structure erected across an obstacle such as a stream, road, etc., in order to carry roads, railroads, and pedestrians across
2S.SCHCcollegethe grounds and buildings of an institution of higher learning
2S.STDMstadiuma structure with an enclosure for athletic games with tiers of seats for spectators
2S.TRANTtransit terminalfacilities for the handling of vehicular freight and passengers
1S.INSMmilitary installationa facility for use of and control by armed forces
1S.LIBRlibraryA place in which information resources such as books are kept for reading, reference, or lending.
1S.MFGBbreweryone or more buildings where beer is brewed
1S.MNMTmonumenta commemorative structure or statue
1S.OBPTobservation pointa wildlife or scenic observation point
1S.PPQabandoned police post
1S.RECGgolf coursea recreation field where golf is played
1S.BLDGbuilding(s)a structure built for permanent use, as a house, factory, etc.
1S.STNBscientific research basea scientific facility used as a base from which research is carried out or monitored
1S.STNMmeteorological stationa station at which weather elements are recorded
1S.SCHAagricultural schoola school with a curriculum focused on agriculture
1S.STNRradio stationa facility for producing and transmitting information by radio waves
1S.SPAspaa resort area usually developed around a medicinal spring
1S.CSTMcustoms housea building in a port where customs and duties are paid, and where vessels are entered and cleared
1S.RSTPrailroad stopa place lacking station facilities where trains stop to pick up and unload passengers and freight
1S.ESTXsection of estate
1S.ATHFathletic fielda tract of land used for playing team sports, and athletic track and field events
1S.FRMQabandoned farm
1S.GDNgarden(s)an enclosure for displaying selected plant or animal life
1S.HSEhouse(s)a building used as a human habitation
1,615 Total for S
Hypsographic Features (mountain,hill,rock,... )
2,852T.MTmountainan elevation standing high above the surrounding area with small summit area, steep slopes and local relief of 300m or more
1,027T.PLNplain(s)an extensive area of comparatively level to gently undulating land, lacking surface irregularities, and usually adjacent to a higher area
507T.HLLhilla rounded elevation of limited extent rising above the surrounding land with local relief of less than 300m
183T.MTSmountainsa mountain range or a group of mountains or high ridges
170T.PASSpassa break in a mountain range or other high obstruction, used for transportation from one side to the other [See also gap]
84T.ISLislanda tract of land, smaller than a continent, surrounded by water at high water
67T.HLLShillsrounded elevations of limited extent rising above the surrounding land with local relief of less than 300m
61T.SLPslope(s)a surface with a relatively uniform slope angle
33T.RDGEridge(s)a long narrow elevation with steep sides, and a more or less continuous crest
20T.VALvalleyan elongated depression usually traversed by a stream
16T.GRGEgorge(s)a short, narrow, steep-sided section of a stream valley
15T.UPLDuplandan extensive interior region of high land with low to moderate surface relief
9T.SPURspur(s)a subordinate ridge projecting outward from a hill, mountain or other elevation
7T.FORDforda shallow part of a stream which can be crossed on foot or by land vehicle
5T.VLCvolcanoa conical elevation composed of volcanic materials with a crater at the top
5T.PTpointa tapering piece of land projecting into a body of water, less prominent than a cape
4T.CNYNcanyona deep, narrow valley with steep sides cutting into a plateau or mountainous area
4T.SANDsand areaa tract of land covered with sand
4T.ISLSislandstracts of land, smaller than a continent, surrounded by water at high water
4T.CONEcone(s)a conical landform composed of mud or volcanic material
4T.PKpeaka pointed elevation atop a mountain, ridge, or other hypsographic feature
3T.CRTRcrater(s)a generally circular saucer or bowl-shaped depression caused by volcanic or meteorite explosive action
2T.PLATplateauan elevated plain with steep slopes on one or more sides, and often with incised streams
2T.DPRdepression(s)a low area surrounded by higher land and usually characterized by interior drainage
2T.PENpeninsulaan elongate area of land projecting into a body of water and nearly surrounded by water
2T.SBEDdry stream beda channel formerly containing the water of a stream
1T.RKrocka conspicuous, isolated rocky mass
1T.DLTAdeltaa flat plain formed by alluvial deposits at the mouth of a stream
5,094 Total for T
Vegetation Features (forest,heath,...)
11V.GRSLDgrasslandan area dominated by grass vegetation
2V.FRSTforest(s)an area dominated by tree vegetation
13 Total for V

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