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GeoNames Services

GeoNames data is available under a liberal creative commons attributions licence. For professional users and mission critical applications the GeoNames team is offering commercial services. The revenues generated with the commercial services help to keep the data free and guarantee the continuance and future maintenance of the project.

Premium Data Subscription

The GeoNames Premium Data Subscription is the professional variant of the GeoNames data dump. It has passed a huge number of consistency checks before it is released once per month.

Commercial Web Services

While the GeoNames free web services are fantastic for prototyping and small applications we recommend the usage of the commercial web services for professional users. The commercial services offer even faster response time and higher availability. They also come with a service level agreement and a guarantee for continuity .
The commercial services come in two different plans :


We have got a lot of experience working with geographical data and you can leverage our expertise for your project.


Run GeoNames services on your own server.

We offer two reverse geocoding services on street level. Do you need to know the address or street name for a gps signal? For the US we offer an inexpensive but reliable solution based on US Census street data. For European countries and other regions we offer a solution based on commercial data from NAVTEQ. This solution is also available for the US and does not only offer better quality, accuracy, coverage and more recent data than the US Census data it has also more attributes like speed limits or route number for highways.