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Reverse Geocoding Data and Software

GeoNames street level reverse geocoding for the US is available as web service either free or in a commercial variant with a service level agreement. GeoNames also provides the data and software to run the reverse geocoding inhouse in your own data center and we offer consulting services to help you integrate the functionality in your applications.

Reverse geocoding is used for vehicle tracking, for location based services and other applications where you have a gps signal with latitude and longitude and want to know information about the address or place this location represents.


The following attributes are available :


Price : 2500$ (includes data and software) for first installation and 1500$ for data/software updates
Requirements : Postgres/Postgis relational database (free open source database), 70GB disk space, 1GB RAM

Software Stack

The reverse geocoder software is using postgres with the postgis spatial extension and the java tomcat application server. The software is usually running on Linux but may easily be installed on Windows and all other platforms for which postgres/postgis and java is available.


This solution is based on data provided by the US Census and it is only available for the US. The US Census data is inexpensive with acceptable quality for most applications. For the best possible accuracy, highest coverage and most recent data we recommend our solution based on NAVTEQ data.


The application is using data from September 2019.
We will inform users of our reverse geocoder about the availability of new data.

Reverse Geocoding for European and other Countries

For European Countries we offer a reverse geocoding solution based on NAVTEQ data.


We provide consulting services for clients who wish to integrate reverse geocoding more closely into their application or wish to use additional attributes.


The GeoNames reverse geocoder software package includes :