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Philippines  wikipedia article

country name : Philippines    [other languages]
iso code : PH, 608 and PHL
fips code : RP
capital : Manila
area : 300,000.0 km²
population : 106,651,922
currency : Peso (PHP)
languages : Tagalog (tl), English (en-PH), Filipino (fil), Cebuano (ceb), Iloko (ilo), Hiligaynon (hil), Waray (Philippines) (war), Pampanga (pam), Bikol (bik), Central Bikol (bcl), Pangasinan (pag), Maranao (mrw), Tausug (tsg), Maguindanaon (mdh), Chavacano (cbk), Kinaray-A (krj), Surigaonon (sgd), Masbatenyo (msb), Aklanon (akl), Ibanag (ibg), Yakan (yka), Cotabato Manobo (mta), Inabaknon (abx)
neighbours :
postal code format : ####    [postal codes]
national flag : flag

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National Data Providers

1psgc Philippine Standard Geographic Code (PSGC)
2namria National Mapping and Resource Information Authority
3psa Philippine Statistics Authority CCBY


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