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Countries » St Kitts and Nevis » Administrative Division

ISO Subentity Codes for St Kitts and Nevis

Administrative Division

ISO-3166-2FipsGNName of SubdivisionTypeCapitalPopulationlangcontinentFromTill
1KSaint Kittsen-KNNA

ISO-3166-2ISO RegionFipsGNName of SubdivisionTypeCapitalPopulationlangcontinentFromTill
101K0101Christ Church Nichola Town  wikipedia articleparishNicola Town1,801NA
202K0202Saint Anne Sandy Point  wikipedia articleparishSandy Point Town2,849NA
303K0303Saint George Basseterre  wikipedia articleparishBasseterre12,920NA
404N0404Saint George Gingerland  wikipedia articleparishMarket Shop2,568NA
505N0505Saint James Windward  wikipedia articleparishNewcastle1,529NA
606K0606Saint John Capesterre  wikipedia articleparishDieppe Bay Town2,859NA
707N0707Saint John Figtree  wikipedia articleparishFig Tree2,009NA
808K0808Saint Mary Cayon  wikipedia articleparishCayon2,994NA
909K0909Saint Paul Capesterre  wikipedia articleparishSaint Paul’s1,882NA
1010N1010Saint Paul Charlestown  wikipedia articleparishCharlestown1,538NA
1111K1111Saint Peter Basseterre  wikipedia articleparishMonkey Hill2,262NA
1212N1212Saint Thomas Lowland  wikipedia articleparishCotton Ground1,791NA
1313K1313Saint Thomas Middle Island  wikipedia articleparishMiddle Island2,045NA
1415K1515Trinity Palmetto Point  wikipedia articleparishTrinity1,692NA

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