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Countries » The Gambia » Administrative Division

ISO Subentity Codes for The Gambia

Administrative Division

ISO-3166-2FipsGNName of SubdivisionTypeCapitalPopulationlangcontinentFromTill
1B0101Banjul  wikipedia articlecityBanjul34,589AF
2L0202Lower River  wikipedia articledivisionMansa Konko73,474AF
3M0303Central River  wikipedia articledivisionGeorgetown3,584AF
4N0707North Bank  wikipedia articledivisionKerewanAF
5U0404Upper River  wikipedia articledivisionBasse Santa Su187,972AF
6W0505Western  wikipedia articledivisionBrikamaAF

FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) Updates

Datemodificationfipsnamenew countrynew fipsnew name
2006.03.23change03MacCarthy Island 03Central River
2013.04.30change03Central River
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