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Monthly Premium Data Subscription: Polygons

The premium polygon subscription is an optional add on to the premium data subscription. It can also be bought independently of the premium data subscription. If it is used without the premium data subscription the free data can be used for the gazetteer attributes.

The GeoNames Monthly Premium Data is a high quality release that has passed a huge number of consistency checks. The modifications and differences to the previous data release have been monitored and verified by members of the GeoNames team. The Monthly Premium Data is an excellent choice for enterprise users. Applications using the Premium Data can reduce their own consistency checks and let the GeoNames team to this job.
The Premium Data Subscription covers the toponyms, the postal code files are not yet available as premium offering.

The Premium Data allows you to implement your own code directly on the data, if you are interested in the GeoNames webservices the premium webservices are the right choice.


The polygon option for the premium data subscription is available for only 1500 € for a 12 month period with 12 releases and can be paid via PayPal or bank transfer.

Value for Subscribers

Features with polygons
Polygons are available mainly for admin divisions. Additionally also for other features like islands, lakes and populated places. The availability depends on the availabilitly of the original datasource. For Italy for instance the national staticial office publishes polygons for populated places. In most other countries support for polyons by the national mapping agency is restricted to administrative divisions.

 count | featurecode
 67025 | ADM4
 66344 | PPL
 49585 | ADM3
 43193 | LK
 23395 | ADM2
 17918 | ADMD
 12631 | ADM5
 11306 | ISL
  7947 | PPLA3
  4155 | PPLL
  3433 | PPLX
  2853 | ADM1
   854 | ADM4H
   708 | PPLA2
   350 | PPLA
   346 | ADM3H
   193 | PCLI
    67 | BAY
    67 | ADM2H
    64 | SEA
    55 | ZOO
    45 | VAL
    41 | RGN
    41 | ADM1H
    35 | PCLD
    35 | ISLET
    22 | GULF
    18 | ISLS
    15 | STRT
    14 | AREA
    10 | SWMP

Data formats
The polygon information is available in flat files with the geonameid and the corresponding polygon in json format.

A small sample subset is available.
Subscribers to the Premium Data Subscription can download the date for all months of their subscription period here.


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