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Monthly Premium Data Subscription

The GeoNames Monthly Premium Data is a high quality release that has passed a huge number of consistency checks. The modifications and differences to the previous data release have been monitored and verified by members of the GeoNames team. The Monthly Premium Data is an excellent choice for enterprise users. Applications using the Premium Data can reduce their own consistency checks and let the GeoNames team do this job.
The Premium Data Subscription covers the toponyms, the postal code files are not yet available as premium offering. The polygons are a separate subscription.

The Premium Data allows you to implement your own code directly on the data, if you are interested in the GeoNames webservices the premium webservices are the right choice.


The annual subscription to the Premium Data is available for only 720 € for a 12 month period with 12 releases and can be paid via PayPal or bank transfer.

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

Value for Subscribers

Coherent and Verified Data
We run a great number of consistency checks to make sure the quality of the data improves from one release to the next and no inconsistencies are added to the data. We also monitor modifications and manually verify changes and updates for relevant toponyms. The monitoring helps us find errors added to the database and remove and fix them before we release the premium dump.
Release Notes and Documentation
Major data updates are described in the documentation to make sure applications can react accordingly and take the necessary steps. Example : major city changing the main name like Bombay being renamed to Mumbai.

We recommend that applications read the Release Notes and Documentation for a relase before updating their local database with the new data. Major changes like the addition of new countries (like Kosovo) may require modifications to the application.

Additional Datafiles
Premium Dump users also benefit from additional data files. These additional data files include further information on administrative divisions (iso and other codes), names of the types of administrative divisions or languages spoken in administrative divisions.
Statistics of Modifications since last Relase
The monthly release includes statistics of modifications for attributes and countries since the previous premium release.
Archive of previous Premium Data Releases
The monthly premium data files are archived and subscribers have access to the archive. The archive includes all data files, the documentation and the readme. The archive is useful for users who don't want to update their local database on a monthly schedule. With the files and documentation in the archive is is easy and simple to update a local database at any moment.
For applications that skip some releases we recommend to read the documentation of the skipped months to be informed about all changes.
Data formats
The premium data is available in tabulator separated flat files and in RDF format. The files have the same format as the freely available files.
New Datasets
The proceeds from the Premium Data Dumps help update datasources and adding new datasets to the geonames database more timely and consistently than it would otherwise be possible.

A small sample subset is available. It contains the additional files. The premium extract includes the same files as the free extract in the same format.
Subscribers to the Premium Data Subscription can download the data files for all months of their subscription period here.


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