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Countries » Philippines

Philippines  wikipedia article

country name : Philippines    [other languages]
iso code : PH, 608 and PHL
fips code : RP
capital : Manila
area : 300,000.0 km²
population : 99,900,177
currency : Peso (PHP)
languages : Tagalog (tl), English (en-PH), Filipino (fil), Cebuano (ceb), Tagalog (tgl), Iloko (ilo), Hiligaynon (hil), Waray (Philippines) (war), Pampanga (pam), Bikol (bik), Central Bikol (bcl), Pangasinan (pag), Maranao (mrw), Tausug (tsg), Maguindanaon (mdh), Chavacano (cbk), Kinaray-A (krj), Surigaonon (sgd), Masbatenyo (msb), Aklanon (akl), Ibanag (ibg), Yakan (yka), Cotabato Manobo (mta), Inabaknon (abx)
neighbours :
postal code format : ####    [postal codes]
national flag : flag

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National Data Providers

1psgc Philippine Standard Geographic Code (PSGC)
2namria National Mapping and Resource Information Authority
3humdata The Humanitarian Data Exchange CCBY
4psa Philippine Statistics Authority CCBY


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