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Countries » Palestine » Administrative Division

ISO Subentity Codes for Palestine

Administrative Division

ISO-3166-2FipsGNName of SubdivisionTypeCapitalPopulationlangcontinentFromTill
1GZGZGaza Strip  wikipedia articleGaza487,904ar-PSAS
2WEWEWest Bank  wikipedia articleJericho2,771,681ar-PSAS

ISO-3166-2ISO RegionFipsGNName of SubdivisionTypeCapitalPopulationlangcontinentFromTill
1BTHWBK047870463Bethlehem [conventional] / Bayt Laḩm [Arabic]  wikipedia articlegovernorateAS
2DEBGZZ7870268Deir El Balah [conventional] /Dayr al Balaḩ[Arabic]  wikipedia articlegovernorateDayr al BalaḩAS
3GZAGZZ11184609Gaza [conventional] / Ghazzah[Arabic]  wikipedia articlegovernorate505,700AS
4HBNWBK017870658Hebron [conventional] / Al Khalīl [Arabic]  wikipedia articlegovernorateAS
5JEMWBK027870654Jerusalem [conventional] / Al Quds [Arabic]  wikipedia articlegovernorateAS
6JENWBK057828733Jenin [conventional] / Janīn [Arabic]  wikipedia articlegovernorateAS
7JRHWBK037870653Jericho [conventional] / Arīḩā wal Aghwār [Arabic]  wikipedia articlegovernorateAS
8KYSGZZ7871092Khan Yunis [conventional] / Khān Yūnis[Arabic]  wikipedia articlegovernorateAS
9NBSWBK067870555Nablus [conventional] / Nāblus [Arabic]  wikipedia articlegovernorateAS
10NGZGZZ7870263North Gaza [conventional] / Shamāl Ghazzah[Arabic]  wikipedia articlegovernorateAS
11QQAWBK077870649Qalqiyah [conventional] / Qalqīlyah [Arabic]  wikipedia articlegovernorateAS
12RBHWBK087870657Ramallah and Al Birah [conventional] / Rām Allāh wal Bīrah [Arabic]  wikipedia articlegovernorateAS
13RFHGZZ7870260Rafah [conventional] / Rafaḩ[Arabic]  wikipedia articlegovernorateAS
14SLTWBK097870652Salfit [conventional] / Salfīt [Arabic]  wikipedia articlegovernorateAS
15TBSWBK107870648Tubas [conventional] / Ţūbās [Arabic]  wikipedia articlegovernorateAS
16TKMWBK117870644Tulkarm [conventional] /Ţūlkarm [Arabic]  wikipedia articlegovernorateAS

FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) Updates

Datemodificationfipsnamenew countrynew fipsnew name
2011.08.31add01Hebron [conventional] / Al Khalīl [Arabic]
2011.08.31add02Jerusalem [conventional] / Al Quds [Arabic]
2011.08.31add03Jericho [conventional] / Arīḩā wal Aghwār [Arabic]
2011.08.31add04Bethlehem [conventional] / Bayt Laḩm [Arabic]
2011.08.31add05Janin [conventional] / Janīn [Arabic]
2011.08.31add06Nablus [conventional] / Nāblus [Arabic]
2011.08.31add07Qalqiyah [conventional] / Qalqīlyah [Arabic]
2011.08.31add08Ramallah and Al Birah [conventional] / Rām Allāh wal Bīrah [Arabic]
2011.08.31add09Salfit [conventional] / Salfīt [Arabic]
2011.08.31add10Tubas [conventional] / Ţūbās [Arabic]
2011.08.31add11Tulkarm [conventional] /Ţūlkarm [Arabic]
2011.11.30delete01Hebron [conventional] / Al Khalīl [Arabic]
2011.11.30delete02Jerusalem [conventional] / Al Quds [Arabic]
2011.11.30delete03Jericho [conventional] / Arīḩā wal Aghwār [Arabic]
2011.11.30delete04Bethlehem [conventional] / Bayt Laḩm [Arabic]
2011.11.30delete05Janin [conventional] / Janīn [Arabic]
2011.11.30delete06Nablus [conventional] / Nāblus [Arabic]
2011.11.30delete07Qalqiyah [conventional] / Qalqīlyah [Arabic]
2011.11.30delete08Ramallah and Al Birah [conventional] / Rām Allāh wal Bīrah [Arabic]
2011.11.30delete09Salfit [conventional] / Salfīt [Arabic]
2011.11.30delete10Tubas [conventional] / Ţūbās [Arabic]
2011.11.30delete11Tulkarm [conventional] /Ţūlkarm [Arabic]
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