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GeoNames Webservice Credits

Credits needed for a single web service call
postalCodeSearch1 credit per request
findNearbyPostalCodes2 credits per request, 3 credits for more than 500 records
search1 credit per request
timezone1 credit per request
findNearbyWikipedia2 credits per request
wikipediaSearch1 credit per request
findNearestAddress1 credit per request
gtopo300.1 credit per request
srtm30.2 credit per request *
srtm10.3 credit per request *
astergdem0.3 credit per request *
findNearByWeatherJSON2 credits per request
findNearbyPlaceName3 credits per request
rssToGeoRSS4 per item in feed (for geocoding)
0 if lat/lng are already included in feed
cities4 credits per request
findNearby4 credits per request
extendedFindNearby4 credits per request
geonamesData.js0.2 credit per request

*: the elevation services srtm3 and astergdem allow to pass a list of lats/lngs. In this case the number of credits consumed depends on how much the cache can be used. Several identical or nearly identical lat/lng in the list will count as only one. The formula used is: Math .max( credits, credits * (10*elevationResult.elevationCredits.numDistinctTiles + elevationResult.elevationCredits.numDistinctPositions) / 10.0);

All other web services need 1 credit per request.